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announces strategic 
acquisition of Skyline AI
“You can either watch it happen or be a part of it.”

Elon Musk

Skyline AI Investment Management Skyline AI Investment Management

Advanced Technology Built From The Ground Up Specifically For Multifamily Investments

Skyline AI is a commercial real estate artificial intelligence technology company that introduces a new generation of investment capabilities and methods.
Skyline AI mines data from various sources, distilling it with our proprietary ensemble of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models. The resulting insights enhance existing expertise to achieve an elevated performance throughout the investment analysis process.

Among Our Partners

Skyline AI's partners are the global nobility of real estate and investment managers. Their data resources and deal experience combined with our cutting-edge technology unveil a range of previously unheard-of asset insights.

Skyline AI DWS Partner
Skyline AI Silverstein Partner
Skyline AI JLL Partner

Unique Competitive Advantage

The AI-driven insights we provide are not available anywhere else. This amplifies our partners' investment prowess - while everyone else is still in the dark.

An Invitation to Rewrite the Future

Using Skyline AI's investment management technology, advanced real estate players can transform their approach to investment decisions across the entire lifecycle. Our partners are positioned as first in line to benefit from the radically redrawn future of RE investment.

Investment Research
& Strategy
Skyline AI Deal Sourcing
AI-Powered Deal
Skyline AI Underwriting
AI Analysis &

AI Deal Sourcing and Vetting Combined with Partner Deal Flow

Through leveraging our AI-powered deal sourcing capabilities, Skyline AI has access to a high quality stream of both on and off-market deals.

Skyline AI Collaborations

Rent Growth, Occupancy, and Asset Value Prediction

Skyline AI constantly analyzes every multifamily asset in the US to reveal current and future rent, occupancy, and asset value. This enables our partners to make decisions informed by an asset's true current market value while everyone else relies on approximations and economic value calculations.

Soon-to-Market Detection

Skyline AI's partners are the first to know when an asset is about to hit the market - sometimes finding out even before the seller.

Skyline AI Soon-to-Market

Releasing Dry Powder

Being equipped with the speed and processing power of advanced technology means you can explore exponentially more deals in less time, including off-market or out-of-market opportunities. Invest your dry powder in more assets, creating billions of dollars in value while guarding against market uncertainty.

Skyline AI Dry Powder

Bid-First Underwriting

With seamless, instant underwriting of target properties, our partners have the advantage of confidently bidding on a large number of potential assets before others even have time to consider them.

The AI Investment Management Edge

AI rent predictions

Predict future rent and disposition prices with high accuracy

AI market trends

Identify market trends in advance

AI risk-reward ratios

Pinpoint opportunities with ideal risk-reward ratios

AI market anomalies

Locate and exploit market anomalies

AI market price arbitrage

Capture arbitrage between asking price and market price

AI renovation decisions

Time renovation decisions and rent increases perfectly