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Our Story

Skyline AI was established by four serial entrepreneurs, Guy Zipori, Or Hiltch, Iri Amirav, and Amir Leitersdorf, with a track record of building and selling successful companies together. After several exits (Visionize - acquired by AVG technologies in 2011; StreamRail - acquired by IronSource in 2016) they began to invest in real estate from their personal wealth.

Coming from the fields of engineering and computer science--where every decision is driven by data analytics--they were shocked to discover how traditional real estate was more art than science, heavily based on intuition, local knowledge and personal relationships. In their quest to understand and predict what makes a good investment and how to reduce risk, they saw a huge opportunity to deploy deep technology to the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry.

Skyline AI was founded in 2017 as a powerful platform to augment human knowledge in real estate with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company, which has raised $25 million to date, is backed by top investors including Sequoia Capital, JLL (NYSE: JLL), TLV Partners, Nyca Partners, Arbor Ventures, DWS group and others. It has offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

Among Our Investors

Guy Zipori, Co-founder and CEO

Guy is a serial tech entrepreneur who mastered code at 14 and founded his first tech company at 16. In 2017, Guy and his partners co-founded Skyline AI, an artificial intelligence investment manager for commercial real estate. Prior to Skyline AI, Guy co-founded and served as CEO of StreamRail, which was acquired by ironSource in 2016. Before StreamRail, Guy co-founded and served as CTO for Visionize, which was acquired by AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG) in 2011. Subsequently, he continued to lead the engineering of AVG post-acquisition, developing products used by 187 million active users.

Or Hiltch, Co-Founder and CTO

Or Hiltch is Co-Founder and CTO of Skyline AI. Previously, Or was Co-Founder and CTO of StreamRail - a video optimization platform acquired by ironSource and used by over 200K publishers generating over 4B videos a month. In addition to his role at Skyline AI, Or is an Amazon Web Services ML Hero (1 of 17 worldwide, currently). Or has been developing software since he was 13, published 5 patents and has 3 more pending. In the past, he led cyber-security research teams at AVG (NYSE: AVG) innovation labs, Amsterdam.

Iri Amirav, Co-founder and CRO

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Iri has built and scaled technology startup companies for over 13 years. In addition to his role at Skyline, Iri is co-founder and board member at Become, an online marketplace that provided over $230M business loans to date to SMBs in the US and Australia. He was the co-founder and chief revenue officer at StreamRail, acquired by ironSource in 2016. Before that, he was the co-founder and CMO of Visionize, acquired in 2011 by AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG). Following the acquisition, Iri built and managed AVG’s distribution business as VP of Global Sales & Partnerships, launching over 100 direct partnerships with the world's top software companies and generating over $40 million in annual revenue.

Amir Leitersdorf, Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Amir Leitersdorf is a serial entrepreneur with three exits and 20 years of experience in establishing, managing, and growing startup companies. Prior to Skyline AI, Amir was a co-founder and executive chairman at StreamRail, acquired by ironSource in 2016. Before that, Amir was co-founder and CEO of Visionize, acquired by AVG (NYSE: AVG) in 2011. Following the acquisition, Amir was appointed CEO of AVG Israel, leading one of the company's most profitable business units with over 130 employees and $160 million in annual revenue. Prior to that, Amir co-founded Movota, acquired by the Bertelsmann Group in 2005.

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