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announces strategic 
acquisition of Skyline AI
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

Skyline AI Investment Management Skyline AI Investment Management

Skyline AI

Skyline AI developed a platform for faster and more comprehensive analysis of commercial real estate properties. Founded in 2017, Skyline AI is backed by Sequoia Capital, JLL (NYSE: JLL), TLV Partners, Nyca Partners, DWS group and others. The company has offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

Skyline AI DNA Sequencing

Sequencing the DNA of Real Estate

Just as the mapping of the human genome offered unparalleled insight into individual health, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are helping sequence property DNA. Previously invisible insights into asset behavior and hidden value-generating factors are now available to investors.


Skyline AI was established by four serial AI entrepreneurs with a track record of building and selling companies as a team (StreamRail - acquired by IronSource in 2016, Visionize - acquired by AVG technologies in 2011).

Among Our Investors

Merging 3 Disciplines to Reinvent Real Estate Investment

Skyline AI built a multidisciplinary team combining experts from the fields of data science, software engineering, and real estate.

Skyline AI Engineering Team

Engineering Team

Our engineering team is comprised of IDF intelligence engineer veterans. They have vast experience in accessing difficult-to-obtain sources, and specialize particularly in mining, denoising, and cross-validating large sets of data.

Skyline AI Data Science Team

Data Science Team

Skyline AI’s data science team is an integrative force, with shared hands-on experience in every sector of innovative AI solutions. Our team loves nothing more than the challenge of solving an unsolvable problem, and is committed to perpetuating the AI revolution that will change the world for the better.

Skyline AI Real Estate Team

Real Estate Team

With over $45 billion in collective global real estate transactions, these professionals bring over 50 years of investment experience.

Disrupting a Titan

The emergence of advanced artificial intelligence technology is enabling traditional industries to enhance profitability and make exponentially smarter decisions based on data-generated insights. Commercial real estate, a multi-trillion-dollar industry, has been slow to adapt. Skyline AI is introducing AI into the commercial real estate investment process, partnering with industry-leading investment managers, established operators, and select investors to unlock billions of dollars of untapped value.

Skyline AI Glass Ceiling Skyline AI Glass Ceiling
Meet the team


Guy Zipori Skyline AI
Guy Zipori CEO
Or Hiltch Skyline AI
Or Hiltch CTO
Iri Amirav Skyline AI
Iri Amirav CRO
Amir Leitersdorf Skyline AI
Amir Leitersdorf Executive Chairman
Chris Sameth Skyline AI
Chris Sameth Managing Director, Acquisitions
Gil Siedner Skyline AI
Gil Siedner VP Investments
Iddo Israely Skyline AI
Iddo Israely VP R&D
Zeev Waks, Ph.D. Skyline AI
Zeev Waks, Ph.D. Head Of Data Science
Eyal Ella Skyline AI
Eyal Ella Platform Team Leader
Eran Kobel Skyline AI
Eran Kobel VP Business Operations
Anat Keidar Skyline AI
Anat Keidar VP Global HR
Zahi Ben Atav Skyline AI
Zahi Ben Atav VP Finance
Dan Furas Skyline AI
Dan Furas VP Sales & IR
Adam Haber Skyline AI
Adam Haber Data Scientist
Benjamin Sternberg Skyline AI
Benjamin Sternberg Product Manager
Dean Civlin Skyline AI
Dean Civlin QA and Automation
Dotan Davidovich, Ph.D. Skyline AI
Dotan Davidovich, Ph.D. Data Scientist
Gavan Gooch Skyline AI
Gavan Gooch RE Analyst
Hai Rozencweig Skyline AI
Hai Rozencweig Data Scientist
Ido Bleicher Skyline AI
Ido Bleicher Full Stack
Maayan Azulay Skyline AI
Maayan Azulay Head of Design
Maayan Walt Skyline AI
Maayan Walt Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Omri Bromberg Skyline AI
Omri Bromberg ML Engineer
Rotem Yardeni Skyline AI
Rotem Yardeni Data Analyst
Shahar Shechter Skyline AI
Shahar Shechter Project Specialist
Yana Volovik Skyline AI
Yana Volovik Data Scientist
Yanay Aharon Skyline AI
Yanay Aharon Office Manager