130 Data sources,
10,000 attributes per property
Going back 50 years

Seeing the RE market like no one else can

At its core, real estate is a numbers and data game. Conventional analysis fails to encapsulate the immense amount of factors required to distinguish between exceptional investment opportunities and ones that just appear that way on a one-dimensional excel sheet. To remain competitive in an uncertain market, its imperative that investors integrate best-in-class technology in order to understand the entire investment picture in a way that human analysis will never match


Most comprehensive data set in the industry

Skyline AI mines, synthesizes, and utilizes the most comprehensive data set in the industry: Live, daily sampling of 130 sources, analyzing 10,000 different attributes going back up to 50 years on every multi-family property in the US .

  • Commercial real estate analytics data
  • Proprietary data
  • Natural language processing mined data
  • Federal/State/City APIs
  • Stock market performance data
  • Interest rates and financial indicators data
  • Scraped data from across the web
  • Points of interest data
  • And more
Data Fusion

Data fusion and cross validation

All gathered data then goes into the data fusion phase - powered by natural language processing (NLP) and a high performance data infrastructure - to match and unify data sets, compiling the largest “data lake” in the industry. The data is then de-noised and cross-validated to enable a precision that beats industry standards by a magnitude of 6X.


Ensemble of machine learning models

The data is then inserted into the Skyline AI combined architecture of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models. By analyzing otherwise overlooked attributes and conducting multi-dimensional comparisons between seemingly unrelated assets across the US, Skyline AI achieves depth, speed and accuracy in investment decisions that exceed human ability. To date, Skyline AI has a 94% average success rate in predicting overall deal profitability, and is improving daily.

Turning CRE Investments into Science

Turning real estate investment into science

This contextual analysis process enables unparalleled prediction, bringing precision to the investment process like never before. Nationwide predictions of prices, rents, effects of renovation, market anomalies, identification of emerging areas, and broader trends form a complete market picture. This enables Skyline AI to scientifically preselect exceptional deals, avoid pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes to outperform industry benchmarks.