30 min for full underwriting,
94 % prediction success rate

Harnessing the power of AI to outperform industry benchmarks

With hyper-accurate and ultra-deep predictions, Skyline AI makes superior, real-time investment decisions - distinguishing between truly exceptional opportunities and those that just appear exceptional on a one-dimensional excel sheet. Skyline AI enables sophisticated institutional-grade investments that beat commercial real estate benchmarks.

Predict future rent and disposition prices with unparalleled accuracy
Pinpoint opportunities with ideal risk-reward ratios
Capture arbitrage between asking price and market price
Identify market trends in advance
Perfectly timed renovation decisions, rent increases and more
Locate and exploit market anomalies

High performance investing

Powered by NLP and high performance data infrastructure, Skyline AI is able to provide within seconds not only a full underwriting, but a deep view assessment containing actionable predictions about any asset in the United States.