Mining data from over 100 different sources and applying advanced AI architecture to detect and exploit market anomalies, identify superior risk-reward investments, and discover untapped value-add opportunities.
Skyline AI is a new, more precise way to invest in real estate.

The emergence of advanced artificial intelligence technology is enabling traditional industries to enhance profitability and make exponentially smarter decisions based on data-generated insights. Commercial real estate, a multi-trillion-dollar industry, has been slow to adapt. Skyline AI is introducing AI into the commercial real estate investment process, partnering with select investors to unlock billions of dollars of untapped value.


Skyline AI was established by four serial AI entrepreneurs with a track record of building and selling companies as a team (Streamrail - acquired by IronSource in 2016, Visionize - acquired by AVG technologies in 2011 )

Among our investors

Merging 3 disciplines to reinvent real estate investment

Skyline AI built a multi-disciplinary team to reinvent how real estate assets are considered and acquired, combining experts from the fields of data science, software engineering, and real estate.

These world renowned data scientists share decades of hands-on experience spanning back to the emergence of AI. Shay Bushinsky created the first machine able to beat human chess champions (i.e Garry Kasparov) and developed complex aerospace applications. Today the team is applying their vast experience to take on traditional real estate investment analysis.

Former IDF intelligence engineers, the engineering team excels in mining, de-noising and cross-validating large sets of data. Experienced in accessing sources that are extremely difficult to obtain, they are providing Skyline AI with a unique edge.

Heading some of the largest financial institutions in Israel, with over $21 billion in collective global real estate transactions, these real estate veterans bring over 50 years of combined real estate experience and profound domain expertise.